How to calculate time to zulu

Hello, I’m having trouble finding out Zulu times. I can search it up but there would be different time zones so… . I just wan’t a way to calculate or a way to know the time. thx

Now just add or subtract that from your current time, depending on where you are in the world and there’s your conversion rate.

For example I am Eastern Daylight Time. 22:53 EST 2:53Z (26:53Z) 26:53-22:53 = 4. I’m am 4 hours behind Zulu


I still don’t quite understand…

If you live in California, that makes your time 19:58 (7:58pm).

Zulu time is 2:58am. Just add that to 24 since there are 24 hours in a day. That means it is 26:58Z.

26:58 - 19:58 = 7. You are 7 hours behind Zulu time. That means you will add 7 hours to your time every time, when it is daylight savings, and then you have Zulu time. When you go back to standard time, you will be 8 hours behind Zulu

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ohhhhhhh. ok. thank you very much :)

Pop Quiz: you look at the time and it says 8:00am. Considering you are in Daylight Savings Time, what time is it in Zulu?

srry. I had to do something. So it is 19:00z ?

Nope. If it is 8:00am your time and you are 7 hours behind Zulu time, what time is it in Zulu?


15:00z then right

Correct. One more to make sure you understand before closing the topic.

It is 2pm PDT, your time. What time is it in Zulu?

Doesn’t need to be converted to 24 hour time

@Ryan_boi I mean, you can always just google search your timezone to Zulu and this website called, Timebie, is really helpful.

So like I want to know that 0600Z is in my local time, I just google search, 0600Z to SGT (Singapore Time) and boom! I have my local time which is 2pm local


9:00z right

9:00pm Zulu correct.

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