How to calculate the best VS for aircrafts?

I always have a question about how to choose my VS when I’m climbing and descending. Can anyone tell me about the VS selection of aircrafts? Thanks.


If you want to do some maths then check this one

and if you want a quick and easy way then use this


As a general guide, this is what I use

Aircraft VS
GA 800fpm
Military (Non-Fighter) 1500fpm
Commercial 2200fpm to 8000 then 1200fpm
Fighter Jet 2500fpm

-300fpm and TOD calculated using


While I cannot say exactly how it is calculated, many of the aircrafts have operating manuals which specify the V/S for a given aircraft. I know that for a Boeing 737-800, V/S is 2300 below FL100, 1500 below FL150, 1000 below FL200ft, and 500 above FL200. It depends. To add to what George kindly provided, here’s a link to different operating manuals for several aircraft.

The manuals specify climb and descent profiles. Happy flying!

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Well I would recommend this if you haven’t yet but it’s something that may help as a courtesy

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For calculating your descent rate, search in your Play or App store. There are some cool little apps for it. The trick here is to determine a waypoint relatively close to your destination airport, where you would like to be at 11,000 feet. In your flightplan determine the distance to this waypoint, enter this in your descent app and voila - a descent rate :-)

For your climb:

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