How to calculate low fuel?

Ok so this sounds bad but I want to figure out how to go bingo fuel from Atlanta from Orlando is there way to calculate how much fuel needed to go bingo fuel?

Unless you’re going for realism, the aircraft you choose should have enough fuel to get you to ATL, this isnt factoring traffic pattern. In the event you get caught in a traffic pattern, just slow down to preserve fuel.

Not sure you understand. I want to be low fuel by the time a land…

Don’t. Especially if you’re gonna fly on expert very unprofessional to only bring just enough fuel.
If you do it in casual, then use and put you want 10 minutes or so of reserve fuel, so you can climb.


Why would you want that?

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Cause I want to see how it works

Don’t do it on expert; it’s an excellent way to get ghosted. If you really want to, try it on casual or training. Especially with the FNF going on.


On short flights, it’s not a smart thing, shouldn’t happen. Now if you did an ultra long haul flight and low fuel happened, nobody would blame you, can really predict winds, 2500NM away, 6 hours later so.

You seriously want to intentionally arrive low on fuel at one the the busiest FNFs.
That’s a great way to get a well deserved week off from the ES.


@DJevon_Paxton I understand what you are getting at here… Like the others said I would costly and unrealistic to bring just enough fuel to land if you are flying on the expert server, especially during the long weight times of an FNF. As my sources indicate most pilots will order fuel so that: they have enough to make it to their destination, alternate airport, and then an additional 30 minutes circling that alternate airport but that, of course, depends on weather conditions.

Good Weather: Dep-Arrival fuel+ extra fuel to circle for 30 minutes
Bad Weather: Dep-Arrival fuel+ fuel from planned arrival to alternate airport+extra fuel to circle for 30 minutes

In your case, I recommend flying on the training server, and if you are flying from Atlanta to Orlando then order precisely 1 Hour and 17 Minutes of Fuel, fly on a Turbofan aircraft not Prop, cruise at Mach 0.78 at a lower flight level like FL230 and take the most direct route. Good Luck.

@DJevon_Paxton. MaxSez… Use and extrapolate. MaxSez

in the future to find minimum fuel you have to use the equation, yes I know math :), t = d/s
t= time
d= distance
and add 2-3 if you want for taxi time out only and 5 if you want out and in taxi

fuel planners will also help like: which @Maxmustang already gave you.
Fuel planners will ask for an alternate and reserve fuel, just make sure you order none of that. :)

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I used the casual server sooo all good

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I landed at ATL about an hour ago. On approach, there was about 3-4 aircraft that called in minimum fuel. I guess it happens more often than we may think.

Well yes it does sometimes happen unintentionally, it’s happened to me before but definitely do not do it on purpose. In high volumes of traffic we lose our ability to ‘babysit’ , and unless you’re near the front of the queue you will most likely have to divert.

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