How to calculate fuel for long haul 777 flights

Hi I was going EGLL to KLAX and I crashed. I put max fuel in a 777 I don’t understand why I crashed. Can I have answers. United 220


We are sorry to hear that this happened. Typically this is a result of trying to cruise at too high of an altitude initially before burning off some fuel or the vertical speed is too high resulting in a stall while trying to reach the cruise altitude that is set. In the 777 you’ll want to slow your vertical speed as you get over 24000. A good altitude to start your cruise at would be 32000 or 33000.


Also, did you use any calculations for how much fuel would be needed? We can help you with that here in the community in the #tutorials section.


Also, sometimes, only putting max fuel won’t do the trick. You also might have to decrease the weight of the other sliders (passengers and cargo).
Make sure that you’re < MTOW (If it’s red, it’s wrong), and if you follow the estimated flight time, things should work out okay.

Do you remember the weight settings you had for passengers and cargo?


As a practicle solution, try using (coupled with ) for your flight planning.

You enter your Aircarft type, Departure Airport , Arrival Aiport and it will calulate your route bassed on the current weather conditions and will tell you amount of fuel to load, passenger to take, all the waypoints, flight level to fly at (including step climbs) and also the speed to fly at !

I have been using this fot the last 6 months for my flights and it is always right!

good luck and happy landings


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