How to calculate for the next climb?

So again, I’m flying from KSFO to EDDF in a 747 and I am currently at FL310. I’m doing what’s called the step climb and have already placed the altitudes (FL330 until FL370) into the flight plan. The problem is, how do I calculate when and where do I climb? I’m 1066nm from my next climb, FL330

EDIT: I’m staying at FL310 at the moment
another edit: I’m flying at M0.84

If you are aiming to climb to a specific altitude at a specific waypoint, decide on a vertical speed, calculated how long that V/S takes to climb 2000ft and start climbing when ETE next is that time.

IRL though I believe climbs are ATC cleared, so the flight plan is not that exact anyways. I personally climb by weight.

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thanks! it gave me an idea. i sure hope vnav climb is available soon, it’s so hard keeping up with this

You could just climb at the waypoint or something. The flight plan altitudes are not supposed to be exact anyways.

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