How to calculate density altitude by ground speed

A quick and easy way to calculate density altitude by ground speed is basically if you were going at 100kts for example at 0ft density altitude. The ground speed goes up 2% for every thousand feet of density altitude, so if the density altitude climbed from 0 to 1,000 feet then you’re ground speed would increase to 102kts and so on, same thing goes for negative density altitudes.
Hope this helps for calculating density altitude, it won’t be exact but you don’t need any advanced calculations.

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Calculated density altitude at KMAN at 3500’.

Why exactly is this important?

So that you can see what the density altitude is and see what you’re runway capabilities are, and plus it’s fun to expirement with it.

People are so mean🤣, the top result is a complete waste of IFC lol. I thought it was a pretty good brief explanation

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I have no idea how this will help me but thanks very much for making this topic anyway:)

Sorry but if you are going to add that kind of option you can only expect it it’s the IFC after all 😂

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I know, it doesn’t offend me.

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Thanks, they’re not mean they are just saying they’re opinion, that’s why I make the polls because I don’t get offended over it and I want to improve.

I’m not so sure there’s much calculation involved but thank you for showing the correlation between ground speed and density altitude! Hopefully this helps explain to those who are new to aviation why your ground speed will increase as you gain altitude.

Of course there are other factors involved as density altitude can be different from the actual elevation, but you’ve outlined the basic concept.

Sorry that people are being a tad “controlling” to ya. It’s pretty simple to just ignore the topic.


It is usefull when heavy on a high altitude airport on a hot and humid day!
Density altitude must be calculated prior to TO or landing.

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Thanks, I just love expirementing with it.

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So do I.
I made this you might want totry

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I don’t exactly understand it.

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All explained here.

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