How to buy a subscription

How do I buy a subscription for a month for a friend? I’ve made them a google account already

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When you sign in, it will give you three options. Choose that option and pay. Then you’re good

Well do you have access to there device? It’s quarantine so… If you want you could send them a gift card that they could use to buy a subscription. This would be a gift card from google play store, or you could just send a Visa prepaid gift card which would be easier.

It says I don’t have a subscription and doesn’t bring up any options

Mate before you make assumptions I’m buying them an account, I don’t need access to their device nor do I have it.

he’s just trying to help

From the support FAQ:

“This is something you can see when you have yet to create an account in Infinite Flight. An account is created when you purchase a PRO subscription and can’t be created before that. You then have the option to link your account to either a Facebook or Google profile. You are most likely trying to sign in with either of them before having purchased a subscription and have it linked with your Facebook or Google.”

Translation: you’re supposed to purchase the subscription before signing in with a Google/Facebook account. I assume that you’ve already signed in, which means you’ll need to log out, purchase a subscription and then DM Seb to link the sub with the email. :)

How do I buy a sub?

Click on “fly online” and then on the plan you want - one month, three month, and yearly subs, and enter your card details etc and you’re good to go

It keeps logging into my account though

Well then log into your friends account

Hey @Cpt.TC

Thanks for sharing IF love with friends, that’s the best gift during self isolation 🙂

To buy them a subscription from your device, simply open your IF then go to your profile page. Logout from IF, then log in using their new Google account you just made.

When you try to log back in, it will give an option whether to login using your own account, or another account.

Hope this works for you and your friend!

See you both in IF skies 👍

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