How to buy a new sub and account?

Hello all!

I wanted to buy a new account as well as a new subscription, but when I clicked on log in, it shows my old account (found a account associated with this device) which has racked up quite a number of violations and ghosts. I am wondering how to purchase and start a new account? Help will be appreciated.

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Log out. And then create a new account with a different email.


I am already logged out, and I clicked log in, but all that shows up is my old account?

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Sign into another account instead of back into the old one. You will have the options use Facebook, Google, etc.

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Yup I clicked “use other accounts” and clicked my email, but it says account not found, purchase a sub

Isn’t that what you want to do; purchase a sub on another account?
Could you send a screenshot too please so it can help us.

But not using my old account

This is the email of your old account or the new one you want to use?

New one, my old account does not have anything tied to it

Have you already cancelled the subscription on the other account? Give me a moment, I’ll try this out myself.

Yup I have. It’s ran out.

Maybe try connecting the account to Facebook instead of Gmail? Does that work? At least to see if it works.

I don’t have a Facebook account unfortunately :( but I’ll go try again.

I suggest making one and trying this out only to the point where it lets you buy the subscription. This can determine if the problem is to do with just the emails or the whole sign-up process in general.

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Hello, this was what’s shown:

Anyone able to help?

Hey @anon1136337,
Now you can click on OK and then continue to buy a new sub. Either it should direct you to subscription purchase page or else if it directs you to the home page, you can click on your profile and buy the sub :)

Yup, when I click ok, and it brings me back to the page where it only allows me to buy a sub for my old account

Okay. are you using iOS or android ?

Just reinstall IF and then sign in with another account. I guess then it will be able to let you buy the sub