How to butter

Hi, I’m a new player and I’m trying to butter. is there any tips?

Nothing better than a good old Dan video!

Check out this tutorial by staff member Dan.


2 things,

1 Welcome to the community!

2 nice username!

You can watch Dan’s video linked by @Mathurin_Garcier but heres a few things to know,

For a smooth landing, you’ll need a smooth approach ( good speed and perfectly on the glide path )

Flare a lot but not too much ( too little makes you slam on the ground and too much makes you float )

Remember you CAN’T butter always for example if there is a very strong crosswind or if it’s a short field. ALWAYS AIM to get your plane on the ground at the perfect time it’s always safer to land harder but sooner than it is smoother but later and as always

You can always go around!


Watch the video to get some tips and learn the technique but don’t think you can get good at it from watching YouTube, you need to go practice, a lot. In solo mode just keep doing landings and practicing again and again and again. That is really how you will ultimately get good at it. Get good at it in calm winds then put on a little bit of a headwind, then crank it up, then make it a crosswind, then crank it up, solo mode is a great practice tool because you can just do approaches and modify weather parameters. Remember as well that a good landing starts with a good approach.


Eat a lot of butter! Nah… in all seriousness steady hands, the right speed and following the instrument’s help. Glide slope etc. Welcome! Lastly, for a better transition to the Expert Server read the manual.


I cringe watching this 😵😂


Not as cringe as @United403’s landings though ;>


Your not wrong at all this statement is 100% correct


Practice, practice, and practice!

Like mentioned, establish your approach as stable as possible.

You can do this by simply using APPR mode if the plane has it, or you can just engage Autopilot and set your final approach speed so that thrust is automated while you focus on holding centerline and vertical speed.

If you’re new I would encourage to experiment with the Autopilot. Maybe one approach you enable and hold the heading with A/P so you can train and focus on your inputs for thrust and vertical speed. Then the next approach you hold the speed, so that you can train and focus on your inputs for aiming/centerline, and pitch/vertical speed.

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Just make sure you retract your landing gear.

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Bruh I do not understand how this became such a well known thing that I landed with gear up once lmao


That’s how most of us got to know you!

Legendary ✨

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but im worred that im going to miss out on pro

Miss out on pro as in not fully utilizing your subscription? I mean sure, if you want to only fly online then go for it but it will take longer to develop landing skills. In solo you can still use pro regions and aircraft.

oh okay im going to land a KATL then

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