How to butter?

Hi, i have been trying to butter since i started playing IF. Can anyone tell me how to butter? TY!

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Bread. Knife. Butter. Spread.


in Infinite flight

open the pilot’s tray table and follow declan’s instructions.


I’ve gotta say @Declan is absolutely correct, but practice is also a big part of it.

For more info consider watching the following video and read through the topic linked below.


thanks for the advice!

Hello, and welcome to Infinite Flight!
One of the most important factors in a smooth landing is speed. If you are going too fast, it’s incredibly hard to touch down smoothly. So GO SLOW!!

Secondly, your flare is important. Just before landing (about 3 seconds before touchdown), bring the nose of the aircraft up, so the back wheels touch first. This is very important as well!

By no means is this a full explanation of how to butter a landing, but I think these are the two most important pieces in the puzzle!
Good luck!

so i remain at 145-150knots and at 40 feet i nose up (Flare)

Yes! You can do it even a tiny bit slower than that, if you want!

ok thanks!

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Yes, no problem!

The following 4 screenshots are from Dan’s linked tutorial. Notice the FPV in each image.

FPV pointed at the end of the runway

FPV pointed at the runway aiming marks

FPV edging toward the horizon line as you round out (flare)

FPV just a touch below the horizon line guarantees “butter” 100% of the time, if achieved.

So the trick is to practice over and over again, being stable enough at about the right airspeed, and coercing the FPV just enough as shown (as a visual practice guide for smallest possible VS: hugging the horizon as your wheels touch)

If you want to do the butter, first choose an aircraft which has landing gears with multiple tyres, it will be quite easy for that. Best aircraft to do with is Boeing 777 series. Second thing you should do is to put the relevant flight data on the screen for eg. vertical speed, Altitude AGL, and ground speed. Keep tab on approach speed. I usually start flare about 20ft to touch down, coz it will create a nice ground effect and also adjust the pitch accordingly, coz you don’t want tail to strike on ground.

I could have share the video as well if IF allows me to do.

i dont have pro

In that case try to start landing sequence from the approach point coz IF already set the required attitude for new pilots to learn landing and make the speed adjustment accordingly this will somehow help you to make the smooth landings and try to keep the Flight path vector close to the 3 degree plus minus from the reference line of horizon.

thanks for advice!

Make sure your wings are level and you are going at the appropriate land speed of the aircraft and it’s weight.

Also, it depends on what type of bread you are trying to butter. For a soft white bread, follow @Declan’s advice. Otherwise, minimal amounts of butter for other breads, especially Hawaiian rolls

ok tanks!!!

You should ask Ryanair pilot’s, they know how to do the real butter landings.

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sure! i’ll go to ireland and ask!