How to butter with harder aircraft

Many of the routes I want to fly use a 737, and a320 or other airplanes that I find harder to land. I usually land these planes hard. How do I butter with planes like the 737 and a320?


p r a c t i c e


Step 1: Don’t call it butter.

Step 2: Refer yourself to the #ground-school category and its subcategory, #ground-school:community-tutorials, to learn best practices for Infinite Flight.

Step 3:

Good luck and have fun!


Practice. Those aircrafts are harder to land but start practicing with easier aircrafts like the A330. You should also visit #ground-school:community-tutorials


Yes, practice makes perfect! I would recommend looking at what I have linked below! :)

Cheers mate! Have a good one!

Well approach mode certainly helps.

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Ryanair the 737s because they always land hard so might as well make it fun
A320’s are easier to land but I would say keep an eye on your VS and don’t let it exceed -150 fpm

Fly the FPV. Aim to have it kiss just below the horizon at touch down. FPV always, 100% of the time, predicts your smoothness of touchdown.

Control the position of the FPV to target the touchdown zone location while approaching.

Control airspeed to keep FPV under your control (too fast or too slow and you can feel you lose control of FPV on the upside vs the downside).

The challenge is going from the “target touchdown zone” to “kiss just below the horizon.”

Works for all aircraft.

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Easiest to practice in large quantities in shortest time in solo mode, short final function. Over and over.

Practice with the A350 that thing is impossible to land hard for me atleast

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Use trim +20%. Gradually lower thrust while raising aoa.

I used to have problems buttering the airbus A320 family but just after a lot of practice I did not have to use auto land and I could butter the plane now!

I think the easiest please to butter is probably the B789 in my opinion

B789 is so easy to land smooth for some reason


I agree with you. A350 is the smoothest aircraft in the fleet. Lately i have mastered the 737. I butter the baby every time in cockpit view. Practice is the key.

Whenever flying an aircraft i practice landing it before

I thought it would be a bit interesting to try the aircraft mentioned in this thread on solo mode, short final, and see how it goes:

watched the FPV is under control (airspeed not too high or low), bring it to the horizon at touch down. Smooth. No trim.

I worried I might run out of airspeed, but I decided not to touch throttle. No trim. Smooth.

Tried to hold off on adding a bit of throttle, but in the end I needed just a touch of extra energy. No trim. Smooth.

I agree. On short final it was the one most obvious I wouldn’t have to touch throttle to keep from sinking too much. Smooth. No trim.

Yes, smooth. No throttle added, no trim. Smooth.

Practice and watch the FPV and you master smooth.


Now you must butter the 717


If I don’t use negative trim for landing, what trim do I use when I begin my descent?

Positive trim?

Well, good luck with that one. I have tried and failed many times