How to become moderator

Hey, I would like to become a moderator and I would like to know how can I apply ?



Here’s Tyler_Shelton’s response to a previous topic:


Sorry bro, even with the little experience on my part, I know that every moderator here didn’t ask to be a moderator, they were viewed as one by the other Moderators 👍

Also pretty sure that’s not the way to view things either…


Will have to agree here. Being rude isn’t a good thing. Best thing is to have a thorough conversation and talk it out normally.

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Ouch. don’t work like this You can’t apply for moderator. You need to show a large dedication to the app and IFC for a number of years and progress your way up!.

Not going to say it’s not possible but it’s very , very hard

Moderators have to know the forum inside out. Usually takes a year or two of being active and making positive posts to build yourself a good reputation. Who knows, if you’re polite, mature, and knowledgable, then you stand a chance at some point along the line. Somehow I made it 🤷


Yup. Takes a lot of work. You can’t get it on instant with a finger snap.

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On request