How to become IFATC

I would like to join :)

There is your answer!

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Apply online at

Hey @Svisible!

I highly encourage you to click the link that @TheKnP_KK above, as it shows how you can get started on your journey with IFATC. We love taking on new recruits and my suggestion to you is to create a tracking thread to get some practice in, I’ll post a link below on where and how you can create one of these threads, but in this thread, you post where you’re open, and people will come and fly for you and provide feedback on how you did! I look forward to seeing you progress through your IFATC journey, and maybe I’ll even stop by some of your sessions if you do decide to take my advice, have a nice day!

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Thanks I was sure I had saved that post.

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Please take a look at the topics linked above from your friendly fellow community members. Hope to see you on the IFATC team soon!