How to become a regular

Hey i was just wondering on how to become a regular? It could hlp if you guys could tell me. Thanks ツ

Not like this.

But regularly do everything. Contribute, read, and post

be active on the forums and you will get it one day!

Are you just trying to know to get the IFC App keep liking, posting, and reading all the topics!!

You need to be trust level 3 to become a regular

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Thanks for posting. Please be sure to read this article that explains your question.


I highly recommend you view the following link. Thanks!

If you just search in the search bar: “How to become a regular” I can guarantee that’s there are plenty of topics asking this same question. You will get the same answers over and over again. Just use the search bar next time. This is not a way to become a Regular.


That first link is closed and unlisted, so I don’t think it is appropriate anymore.

Thank you. I will remove it


By not asking ;)
Why does everyone want to be regular? You have access to everything at Member too🤷‍♂️

But oh well, just look at all those links posted above

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Trust me, if you keep working hard, liking, posting, then you’ll get there in no time. :)

Feels like impossible haha, I had a lot of topics, lots of engagement on the community, been here since 2015, but no TL3:) been it once tho, in the early days.

But, just be active and help people out

Why do you want to be a regular?

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To become a so called ‘Regular’ (TL3) in the forum, you must constantly contribute to this forum actively, everyday. People must appreciate your work. Create topics that will inspire others, introduce new users to the community and most importantly, help everyone. I have received TL3 after contributing for months. Show your inspiration towards Infinite Flight and Aviation. 🙂

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It’s not about wanting to be a regular. It’s about the road to TL3. Half of being a regular is getting there.

I dont realy want to but i was just wondering, and hoping that this is would help others

  • Trust levels are activity/time based.
  • IFC uses different criteria than what is documented on the discourse website.
  • The IFC does not publish these numbers to prevent people from farming for stats.

Just be active and contribute and over over time you will get there.