How to become a Moderator

Hey im not looking into becoming a moderator, but i just want to know the process of how to become one and how long it takes, and why current moderators wanted to become one. :)

Several years of dedication and contribution to the IFC.

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I can share from experience but to sum it up, moderators are hand chosen by staff, and there isn’t a specific path to become one. There are certain attributes they look for in a candidate since the role of moderator entails some important responsibilities. Like @Altaria55 said, all of us have been around in the community for several years and have been involved directly with the community whether that be in IFATC, IFAET, beta, or actively helping where we can on the ifc.

To answer this, I always thought it’d be a unique experience and happened to get that special PM one day. Being a mod gives you a unique backstage perspective of the inner workings of the company and community operations. Trust me your Infinite Flight team does a lot more behind the scenes than you think to keep this app going. ;)


Wow thats pretty cool, thank you for shareing! Hopefully ill stay around this community to become one. And thank you to all the mods who keep this game running!


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