How to become a developer?

How to become a developer?How to create your own 3D modelling and aircraft painting? If anyone knows, please let me know. Thank you.

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Firstly, welcome to the community. It’s great to have you here with us!

Infinite Flight developers are hand picked from the community and other recruitment methods. There is currently no set application process to becoming a developer. Whilst your skillset is one of the many things considered, it’s also whether the team are in need of another developer.

In regards to 3D artists (not developers), the Infinite Flight team tend to recruit through other methods than the community due to the specific skillsets required for this role.

I would recommend checking out Kai’s reply in a similar topic, that I’ve linked below for you:

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Hey mate! To make airports you have to join the IF airport editing team :) Its an easy stright forward application for it!

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@ZBAA_De_Jason Welcome to the community!

I assume you’re asking in general and not specific to any particular situation (presumably inspired by IF).

Speaking from personal experience (I developed a full function fs some years ago), I wanted to learn to code 3D animation of aircraft in flight, but I started with limited software experience.

I had graduated as an electronic and computer engineer, which involved various software classes, but no deep software skills, or experience beyond the core engineering classes (I had worked in communications systems hardware).

It was outside my comfort zone, more than I knew at the start. Motivation was the key. Just deciding it had to happen, for whatever reason. And having a block of time set aside to do it, and committing time and focus.

So, with the committed goal, I pounded away at gathering skills at software development relevant to producing the 3D effects and constantly remaking the database to refine the description of the objects being displayed.

It wasn’t a smooth process. For me understanding came in fits and starts.

There’s no doubt these days though, there’s more accessible reference material than when I did it, so just the drive to collect the tools could potentially be more effective now.

The biggest hurdle isn’t knowledge maybe, but goal setting, time and perseverance.

A strong enough reason for doing anything and you can make it happen. But I was tested by circumstance for sure.

Maybe this isn’t the best answer to your question. But my answer is, set the goal, then practice gathering the info relevant to the goal, and commit to getting it done. Once a goal is set, your brain tends to help answer questions about where to dig for the information.

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It depends on what you want to develop! 3D airports? Build new aircraft for Infinite Flight?

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