How to become a developer

How do I become a developer? I would love to make liveries for infinite flight and IDK if I can


Hey Jack!

Infinite Flight developers are hand picked from the community and other recruitment methods. There’s no pathway per se or any formula that gets you hired, and skills are just one thing considered, another one being whether we even need another dev. That being said though, I think you may be referencing 3D or 2D artists, not developers, for which the answer is much the same but we tend to recruit through methods other than the community if and when we do hire artists due to the specificity of skills required.

Hope this helps!


Just promise you’ll make Aeromexico’s Quetzalcoatl livery as your first project if you can ever call yourself an IF developer 🙏🏼


I don’t have any information dude, but just want to say welcome to the community. You will like it here.

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I’ve asked the same question before. However they aren’t really “hiring” members I think

Well you never know what’s behind the scenes. Who knows, they could be watching every move you make.

Idk how it works but the only thing I can really say is be active and welcome to the community!