How to become a Comercial Pilot?

Hello IFC.

So I am thinking of being a pilot when I grow up but I still have questions.

Do I need to go to College to get a Pilot Licence?

Do I need a degree to be a Pilot?

Can I fly Boeing and Airbus?

How many flight hours do I need to be a Commercial Pilot?

I plan to fly for United Airlines

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*Only based on Current knowledge

A. You might need an engineering degree, but you can go to flight school as well

B. Not sure, as far as I know, you need a pilot’s license

C. First you get your Single engine rating, then twin plane, then you can get your CPL, which I believe means you can fly passenger planes.

D. Not sure, though I’d guess hundreds

btw heres a topic for help

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Thank you (10)

If you’re looking at going to college this program might help.

This reduces the amount of flight hours you need.

Do I need to learn any other languages to be a Pilot and Do I need Math?

1: Depends on airline. Not needed by some but highly recommended.
2Most airlines prefer aviation or science degrees but could be anything.
3: Not at the same time because they are different type rating but you could fly 757/767 at same time or another aircraft set that has the same type rating.
4: 1500 hours without the FAA ratp, hours can be reduced with FAA ratp program.

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In the United States only English but a foreign language is recommended.
Yes you should be able to do math but you don’t need to do super complex problems. Really it is algebra and some trig thrown in. Unless you are a test pilot/ r&d field. Or an engineer.


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