How to become a ATC controller in playground

Could anyone please advise on how to build my ATC operations so I can be ATC controller in playground server, just says I’m observer at moment and would like to get in and do some ATC .

That just means you are trying to go on a frequency that is already taken by another controller. Try a smaller airport or a less busy region and then you’ll be able to control 😊

@Darren_Fuller there’s a delay with the server in showing what ATC is free. Busier and more popular ATC stations like LAX or San Diego for example may look like they are free, but it just hasn’t updated yet to show its been taken in the last minute or so… So it lets you select it but when you spawn you are just an ‘observer’ as someone is already controlling.

As Misha said, pick a less busy location to get some practice. Anyone can control in Playground. Your ‘operations’ number won’t change from zero whilst just controlling in playground.

Ok thanks for that how much experiance do you need to get to advanced ATC control?