How to be realistic?

Hello, I am Kyline or Athena on IG.

Now i am wondering how to be a realistic player on IF. as we all know flying virtually still needs realism.

Heres how i do when on the gate.

-Start the Main battery then the APU
-Enable the nav lights after the battery is switched on
-Open the pax doors and cargo doors (if i am flying the 772)

Then lets go to the pushback section, how i do is:

-Turn on the anti-collision beacon
-Request for pushback
-close the doors
-commence pushback
-Turn on Engine no.2 (or both engines if spawned near the runway)
-Stop at the taxiway

Then taxiing time it is, how i do is:
-Request taxi permission
-Do the taxi sequence
-Test the flight controls
-Start the No.1 engine
-Line up behind the queue
-Hold short on the runway
-Turn off the APU
-Extend flaps

Well we got a clearance for line-up to the runway, how i do it:

-Acknowledge the instruction
-Turn on Strobe and Landing lights
-Line up the runway
-Turn on seatbelt and no smoking signs
-Acknowledge the takeoff clearance
-85% throttle, no trim
-Flaps 15 (or two on Airbus aircrafts)
-Lift off at 143knts
-Acknowledge the frequency change
-Contact departure
-Turn on the A/P at 3400ft MSL

Climbing to cruise, how i do it:

-Climb at 2900fpm
-240knts before FL100
-320knts after reaching FL320
-Turn off landing lights, seatbelt and no smoking signs
-Contact the wandering ATC
-Radar Contact

Now we reached cruise altitude, how i do it.

-Contact an another wandering ATC
-Radar contact again.
-Cleared to change frequency
-Change the frequency to absolutely nothing nearby
-Admire the scenery
-Relax until i fall asleep

Oh we are already descending? how i do it.

-Decrease speed to M.78
-Extend spoilers
-Flaps 1
-Slow down further to 250knts at FL150
-Turn on landing lights and seatbelts and no smoking signs after going below 10,000ft

Here we go, final approach.

-Decrease speed to 155knts
-Flaps full
-Acknowledge the landing clearance if there is ATC
-Decrease further to 140knts
-Descent at -200fpm
-Idle the throttles at 30ft
-Land the plane

And here we are at the final destination.

-Vacate off the runway
-Turn off the strobe and landing lights
-Turn off the seatbelt and no smoking signs
-Turn off Engine 1
-Turn on APU
-Acknowledge taxi to parking
-Park at a random gate
-Accidentally parked at the cargo stands
-End the flight

Whooooo, that took long.

Thats what i do when i fly on IF, tell me if is the mistakes i did there and ill correct them hehehe


Is this supposed to be a tutorial?


This would belong in #ground-school if it’s a tutorial


I think you should close all the doors before requesting pushback so you are actually ready to push

Same thing here request taxi when you are 100% ready


I’m sure there’s some realism guide lurking around here but what I do is:

  • start APU/master batt
  • create FPL, set climb profile
  • close doors
  • turn on nav/beacon lights
  • request push
  • on push start no. 2
  • line up with taxiway, start no. 1
  • flight control check
  • set trim and flaps
  • request taxi
  • taxi, switch to tower
  • request departure, when cleared to line up/cleared for takeoff, turn on landing lights and strobes and line up/takeooff

Doesn’t look like a tutorial to me, but more like how op does their procedures. and wants to know what would be the most realistic procedures.


@tunamkol reply of

Is the easiest way for you to stay somewhat near what you are doing.

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I’m not going to give specific advice but I’ll redirect you to some resources:

In terms of using ATC, read the user guide (I advice reading the ATC side of things as well so you know what your controllers are looking to do)
For aircraft operation, there isn’t a definitive guide so use your best judgement (PM me if you’re interesting in my own general purpose checklist)
There are many sides to being ‘realistic’ and you can choose how much to follow. The best thing is to generally be involved in the aviation community and keep learning :)


Thx for linking my Guide!


I have been on so many red eye flights and see the nav lights on during all time while I am waiting at gate, I think nav lights should be on before filing a flight plan


Exactly what i wanted.


No, you need to be ready to push when requesting it, doors are closed before contacting ATC.

If with “test flight controls” you mean flaps and spoilers these need to be done before the request of taxi.

These to my knowledge are activated before getting on the runway.

All aircraft have different needs, I know you are talking about a B772 but you said Airbus too, so I assume a large amount of aircraft.

This can be turned on even before, also MSL means from sea level so if you are taking off from an airport of 5000ft elevation is already turned on? You meant AGL I think.

This is very high climb rate, I would suggest not more than +2200ft per minute.

From here seems you turn off landing lights at cruise level, no they are turned off / on when reaching 10.000ft MSL.

Flaps are engaged at around 8000ft (first degrees), from here seems you turn them from way higher altitude.

Quite low speed on final for a B772 isn’t it? Also GS or IAS?

In most airports there is ILS approach which give you a glideslope, the rate of descend from when you enter the cone to the touch down is around -800 / -600, -200 may be the touch down vertical speed.

All in all your method of flying isn’t wrong, you probably need a better explanation of things as they aren’t very clear. Good luck!


I know that @GreenFire kindly linked it already, but I would like to stress, that the IF User Guide is a fantastic resource to learn how to fly realistically:


When decent starts I believe that when seatbelt signs go on and no smoking stays on the entire flight

(also seatbelt on before pushback and same with no smoking sign)

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I’ve been on flights that turn on seatbelts again at 18k ft when descending


Ive had flights when they turn seatbelt signs on at 10k feet.

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Ok lets stop replying. If you look at the replies above you will see that most likely what you are typing has already been answered.

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These go off after the engines have stopped completely.

They stay on at all times.

Probably should be using trim.

Turn on before pushback.

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I also like the idea of this but either way I think everyone has their own type of “realistic” on Infinite Flight. I think this is a good routine but there are things you can do like @Thunderbolt and everyone else have been saying.

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Like others have said, close the doors first.

What exactly do you mean by sequence?
Here’s a better way to do the taxiing bit

After pushback, start engine number one. After #1 is stable,:
Set the flaps
Shutoff the APU
Test the flight controls
Request taxi
[after clearance is received]
Release the parking brake

Woah woah woah! Hold up. Turn on the seat belt sign after fuelling is complete. The sign must be on when ever the engines are running.

Like said before, this should be done before requesting taxi.

Same every flight? These change depending on…
. Runway length
. flaps
. weather
. wight
. Other variables

Well, this is pilot preference. Typically IRL it is engaged between 1000 and 2000 AGL.

Also depends on weights, winds, airspeed, etc

Over FL280, speed should be measured in mach. Not IAS.

Ok, well, spoilers should be used sparingly. Of course, use them if you need them, but why kill energy for the sake of it? This is quite early for flaps too.

In a lot of aircraft, full flaps are not always needed. It’s a common misconception. For example, in a 737, the default flap setting is 30°. Full in a 73 is 40°. Flaps 40° can and is used, but not as often. Obviously this is A/C specific though.

Why not follow the glide slope on the ILS if there is one? If not, that’s pretty slow anyway. -700 would be typical for a standard slope.

This is quite early. Like I said early, this should be done once the engines are not running.

Haha 😆 we’ve all done it!

I know I have breezed over quite a lot here. Please feel free to ask any questions. You should be able to find more specific tutorials around on here, YouTube, and other platforms. Hope this helps!