How to be helpful on the IFC

How to be helpful on the IFC:

This message is regarding how to make the transition from being a community member, to being a helpful community member.

Disclaimer: I am usually a chill guy. I am using my professionalism right now. PM me and you get to set the mood in our conversation :)

How to be helpful in your posts (responses):

  • Whenever you are commenting on a topic, it is important to use grammar. Commenting “lmao ikr” on a post is not very helpful to the OP (original poster), and makes you sound immature. Maturity and professionalism are crucial on the IFC, especially in helping someone out.

  • Be clear and concise. Keep in mind that there are many helpful, funny, and smart users on this forum that do not speak English as a first language. Writing a paragraph to them about how to reinstall the app would not be a productive mode of communication.

  • Use appropriate wording. If you are describing throwing someone out of a window, sure “defenestration” technically would be the correct word, but you should say, “throwing someone out of a window.” This is because the majority of the forum doesn’t know what the word “defenestration” means.

  • Formatting matters. If you look at this post, you can see that I have used bolding, italics, many font sizes, links, and pictures. All of this catches the reader’s eye much better than a paragraph of boring normal fonts. It is also crucial you use bolding to emphasize words or phrases that matter. I did this by bolding a key phrase in each bullet point. Find more formatting tips in How to use the IFC.

  • Ask yourself: is this really necessary? Do not every create a post that is repeating what others have already said. Also do not “roast” people. It is unnecessary and just adds work on for our wonderful moderation team.

This can be done in #general or #live as well to answer questions.

Creating Topics:

Of course, it’s important to create topics too. Some great categories to start in are #features, #real-world-aviation, #live:events, and #screenshots-and-videos.

  • Before creating a topic in any category, make sure to read the category guidelines. These are pinned to the category and created by Misha. These will tell you important information about the category, such as: Only one #screenshots-and-videos post every 24 hours.
  • Formatting matters even more in topics. Many of your posts will be long, so include photos and polls during the topic to involve the reader. Usually, you should put polls at the end, however, there are exceptions.
  • Does it look bad to post question topics? Not if done correctly. Of course, nobody knows everything and asking questions is very normal. Be sure to include the question in the title. Make your topic short & sweet. Ensure that it is clear to the reader exactly what information you want to acquire.
  • Use the right category. I hope this goes without saying, but please do. It looks terrible to have a valid question or make a great, informative post and put it in the wrong category. If which category to put your topic in is unclear, take a look at the category guidelines for the categories in question.

Joining a VA:

One of the best ways to get connected in the community and make friends and connections is by joining a VA or Virtual Airline.

  • You can start by finding a VA that is either interesting to you, or an airline that you like. You can find a list of VAs here:

  • Once you follow these steps and begin to become a respected and helpful user, consider applying for VA staff. If you want to help a VA from the start, look here: Prospective VA Staff Request Thread to see prospective VAs that are in need of staff. Also, many VAs will list their vacant positions on their threads in #live:va.

  • Many VAs tend to promote their outstanding pilots into staff positions, so if you join a VA as a pilot and do an excellent job, you might not have to even apply for staff. Good, active staff members are always in high demand.

Creating Tutorials/Community Messages

In general, hold off on creating tutorials/messages such as this one. Only create topics such as these if you see a need for it in the community and feel that there are people that will be affected by it. In this case, I have been asked by many users, “How can I be a better/more helpful IFC user?” I made this post to answer that. Never create these to get likes, shares, or attention. Moderators can see through that. They will know if you are doing it for the attention or for the good of the forum.

Remember, it can never hurt to contact a moderator with questions.


What if I don’t speak English?

It is important to remember a few things:

  • There is no requirement to be fluent in English to be on the IFC.
  • You will likely be able to find friends that speak the same language as you.
  • Additionally if your reader are having trouble understanding your posts, don’t hesitate to use

Why am I still a basic?

There are a lot of possible answers, which you can see here: Why have I not reached TL* yet?. Also remember, trust level has no correlation to how helpful you can be as a user.

Why are a lot of my posts being flagged?

There are many reasons for which your posts are flagged. Make sure to follow Community Guidelines. You should be adding on, not repeating or degrading other users.


In conclusion, I am no expert, in fact, I have never been TL3 (Regular). I created this to share my journey of becoming a helpful user (hopefully), and inspire other users to reach this. Becoming a good user on the forum doesn’t mean becoming a regular, it simply means doing good.

Put others before yourself.


“Well done is better than well said.” -Ben Franklin

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Excellent tips this was a good job.

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Thank you for your kind words.

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I think the roles are reversed here I am grateful for your help on my topic.

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I am glad I was able to help you with that earlier.

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First off thanks for making this reminder for us.

That really means nothing, doesn’t effect your stats and Trust Level at all.

Not necessarily, you don’t have to give out a huge amount of likes to be a helpful person on here.

When talking about tutorials I’m going to assume you mean both in #tutorials and #meta, if you want to make a tutorial in #tutorials you have to be Trust Level 3 (Regular) and I would suggest contacting a moderator for approval. Making #meta tutorials I would suggest contacting a moderator as well for this.

This bit you don’t have to do to be helpful on the community, some of the most helpful people never really post in #support but help out in other areas of the forum.

This wasn’t intended to be hateful or anything.


I certainly appreciate this Mr. Best Regular.

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Lmao 😂
Just joking
Thanks for the tips

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Nice little reminder with tips for some people. Great formatting, an informative post. Well done!

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Hey! Thanks for the great post.

There are some things that is literally opposite of what you should do.

This is not a good idea. Usually it only creates noise and the worst kind of guessing game. Read & learn, yes. But do not focus on #support first. Best is to learn the workings of the community first & foremost.

There are already problems with myself having to fight my way through the #support topics but having trouble getting myself heard since 42 other users are guessing their way forward.


Thank you. It would be a little ironic to have poor formatting.

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Sure. I personally learned best from that, and only commented if I knew the answer for sure. I will remove this bit.

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One thing to be clear on, like farming is not the same as positive support. In a public forum like this one, try to do your best, be assertive and supportive, help when needed and use the tone you would use on the other users as you would do face to face.



Many people on here like good leaders. So whenever I come on here, I look to the Air Force’s core values.

Integrity First - Being honest and having strong moral values and principles. To control your impulses and do what’s right even when no one is watching.

Service Before Self - Professionalism over personal desires. Self control before you go out of control especially on reply sections that lose their cool. Respecting any forum user’s beliefs regardless of who they seek to be or their authority.

Excellence In All We Do - Do the absolute best you can to help the sim and it’s community become better. This is why I became a beta tester. I wanted to see an excellent version of IF overall, so I do the job in the best way I can. Excellence makes other things excellent. How I got there was to be the best version of myself to earn trust from the Beta manager at the time, Mark Denton.

Try to think like this and I guarantee your chances of getting Regular will be higher.


Great job! An informative, and nicely done post, this will surely help in the IFC.

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I think this is super helpful and offers some great reminders even though I don’t completely agree with everything. You need a very nice job of organizing it and splitting it into convenient sections!

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Hey, if you don’t mind PMing me what you don’t agree with any I may consider some changes.

I agree with you on most points but here:

Why should it matter if we say something like that? We’re a community that all have one thing in common, we love aviation, we just need to be respecful that’s all, don’t understand why we can’t speak causally.


I agree with you, however commenting,

“using a fpl is gr8 & its imo this is kewl but idrk lmao”

Isn’t as helpful as.

"Hello OP,

You can create a flight plan using Simbrief on"

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@Captain_Merka Very helpful thanks for that!

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