How to Be Cool in Infinite Flight


Even though it has “how to” in the title, this is not in #tutorials because it’s not an actual tutorial, it’s just for some screenshots and a little laugh. Anyway, if you want to be cool, check my photos below, each one has a handy little caption (like they always do) to explain what’s happening. Oh, I also have a question for y’all. Is it safe to fly an F-22 at 15,000,000 feet? I did it safely, so I reckon it’s safe, unless that was just a coincidence since this is a flight sim instead of real life. Anyway, learn how to be cool, and enjoy the photos below!

First, just like every single other flight in the universe, you need to takeoff. I’ve used the F-22 here for maximum coolness.

Now there are 2 cool ways to do this. First one is to climb, then go fast and dive, and then glitch into the ground. The way I’ve opted to do this, go to a glitched airport and land there, SVUQ is a good one.

“Attention passengers, we are about to land, please make sure to rate us ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.“

After you go down to -400,000 feet or so, you’ll come and pop up in some cool part of the world. Going Mach 20.00 and climbing at 600,000 feet a minute.

Now that you’re up in space, you’re officially cool. The farther into space you go, the cooler. This opens up opportunities for some amazingly cool photos, such as this one. Every continent is visible except for Antarctica and Asia.

In infinite Flight, the moon is just as cool. This natural satellite is good for photo shoots with planes, or just by itself.

Everyone knows this photo of the earth and moon. I’ve recreated that same photo, but from a different perspective. From earth, I’m overlooking the earths only natural satellite.

If this seems like a tutorial just to make a glitch, feel free to close it mods. I’m trying showing the photos, hence the category it’s in, plus a bit of a tutorial mixed in.

This only works in IF, not real life!
Anyway, thanks for visiting, feedback is accepted, and have a great day IFC!


4th picture is my favorite


Thanks, @Populeux_Music, it does show off (almost) the whole world, doesn’t it.


The ocean view especially


That photo of the moon looks really real 😍👍🏽

Great pictures!


Indeed it does look real, thank you, @Armani_B!


Oh man I was losing my cool until i saw this post


Well I’m glad to have cheered you up a bit, @maeyo.


I’ve ended up at 18,000,000ft


You, my friend, are officially cool! 😂


It’s called the High Flyers club


This is legendary…


Indeed, legendary.


I have a nice space base up there on the casual server, lauched from FACT

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attempting this. currently at -27,000

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Well have fun on the rest of your path to become a cool person.

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@Butter_Boi Your pfp went from this nice Delta MD-88, to a GA plane, to this very intense bind-blowing picture. 😂 And also I now know how to be cool 😎.

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@Butter_Boi so immediately at -400,000ft we’ll come out of the ground rocketing 600,000ft/min?

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It actually went from a Southwest 737, to a Delta DC-9, to a DHC-2 Beaver, to this.

Good job, Mr. Cool person.

I should try this in my fabulous 737 so I can be even better at formation flying 😂😂

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