How to be ATC on Expert?

Im just wondering how to be ATC on expert.


Anyone got any decent airports i should control to practise before applying?

Any that aren’t too busy. I specifically remember controlling KSEA while I was training, and quite a few people showed up. Making a tracking thread also helps to make people aware.

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Ok. Thank you

You should start slow and build your way up. Be sure to watch tutorials on YouTube on the official Infinite Flight channel. That will help you greatly. 😉


Anything with parallel runways. My favorite was Palm Springs kpsp or Ft Lauderdale kfll. And definitely start a tracking thread as above.

When I was training it was pre-Global so my choices were limited, but KONT was my spot of choice. Plenty of ramp space, simple layout, parallel runways long enough for anything.

And it’s amazing how bit a difference 30-40 miles from KLAX makes in the quality of pilot.

It’s something you need to contact IFATC recruiters about

I suggest joining TSATC

The whole point of TSATC is to practice on becoming a certified IFATC. You can join and then leave once you have required skill. Then apply to IFATC. I don’t understand what’s not to understand about that.

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My apologies, I have flagged that specific post for removal. I’m guessing my recruiter told me that because I’m already in the process of training for it. In the way that you explained it to me I completely agree with you @TCHeincy

Honestly, I recommend studying up until you can take (not necessarily pass) the written IFATC test, and getting official IFATC training, that way you’re guaranteed pilots and quality feedback, something you won’t necessarily get with just a tracking thread (which is a good step to do anyway) or just controlling TSATC featured airports.

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