How to be ATC in Expert Server?

Hello everyone!

I’m trying to get an ATC position at Expert Server. Currently, I meet all the requirements, but it won’t let me join since it tells me that I need Grade 1 in Confidence.

Could you explain to me what it is and how to solve it to finally join the ATC team in Expert Server?

Thank you very much in advance for your answers, I hope you can help me, you are great Infinite Flight pilots!

It appears that you are not the trust level needed to apply to ifatc. If you continue to like, comment and use the ifc you should level up to trust level 2 or member.
It should then allow you to apply to ifatc if you meet he other requirements such as operations and access to the expert server, proper violation count. Ets…


Thank you very much for clarifying my doubts my fiend, I hope to see you soon soaring through the skies!

You can only, do ATC in the training server, and would have to apply to the IFATC, and pass the written and practical test, to be able to control ATCs on expert server

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Here is also some more information in the ATC Recruiting topic that also might help.


That’s right, I’m reading several posts and my doubts are being clarified, thank you very much anyway!