How to be an atc on two stations at once?

Im just asking how to be an atc for tower and ground

When choosing what to control. You can Press Ground and Tower at the same time. That’ll work. However it won’t work if it is Ground and Approach, or Tower and Departure.


Be ready for a big increase in workload when you try this, the best would be to tag with someone else and share the workload.


Even as an ATC specialist I need to just focus on ground if it gets too busy for just me to handle. I see ATC officers+ doing it.
But it’s good to practice with a higher work load, it challenges yourself and you can determine when you need to share your load with another controller.


If you have more than 500 atc ops you should be able to control ground and tower at the same time or approach and departure at the same time. Don’t try this at busy airports!

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You don’t need 500 operations to control tower and ground at the same time, on the training server. Every training server controller is given the rank “Observer”. When you become IFATC you then get upgraded to “Apprentice”.


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