How to be an ATC here?

I have a question and it is: Is it possible to be ATC on the expert server without some of the requirements? I say this because I’m missing a lot 😅and I’m a real ATC.


Welcome to the community. Unfortunately to get into IFATC you do have to meet all the requirements.


You can refer to this topic below 👇🏽

Welcome to the community! We really appreciate your interest in IFATC and would love to have your real world knowledge on our team. Shoot me a PM so we can chat! I’d love to hear about your experience and we can certainly make some exceptions if any of the more time consuming requirements are out of reach.

One thing we do ask is that you ensure you’ve got a reasonable amount of ATC operations under your belt just so there is some level of familiarity with our interface. Beyond that, we’ll get you through the process and onboarded. Cheers!


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