How to be a TL2 Member

I am asking how do I become a TL2 member

So ways you become one is stay active on the forums, answer question, read post ect with time you will become a TL2 member!


To basically sum up or to add on to what @anon93248082 has said, there really isn’t much of a mark that you have to meet. Just be productive and visit often on the forum. Best of luck!



If you are asking for specifics those aren’t released…

Here are some great guides to follow though… 😉

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There are few metrics, like active time, posts, likes given, read threads, etc…

Forum moderators don’t tell us the specifics, because they don’t want it to be an incentive to people to post just for the sake of TL progress.

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This should help out :)

We don’t give out exactly how to reach the next TL, because we don’t want people just look and do what is needed to get the the next TL. That’s the fun of the game ;)

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There is no one specific way to get TL2… My suggestion is just be realy active on the forum and like and reply to others posts and show how active you are! Then you may recieve a very great message ;)