How to be a pilot (commercial or not) in real life

Hello IFC, I have a question because I have a dream its to be a commercial pilot for Air France or special forces soldier. But I have these problems :

  • Im bad at mathematics
  • I leave the aeronautics subject last year (and I regret) because I thought it was sucked
  • Possible non-selection in the subject “English Euro”
    If someone can help me to explain to be a commercial or not pilot without aeronautics, that will be great.
    If I can’t to be a pilot, I dont have a choice to continue my life without to be pilot and focus on my military dream.

I don’t think the subject aeronautics is necessary in school as many schools around the world don’t teach that. Being bad at maths won’t be a barrier all the time. Although required, if you can get a minimum of 60% on your math exams, a lot of aviation academies will accept your application and you will be able to join an aviation academy. I don’t understand what you are talking about in your third point, but if you are talking about learning English, it is an absolute necessity if you want a career in aviation and you will have to be fluent and proficient in it. Fun fact, I know an influencer who didn’t take math during his A levels and now he is an A350 pilot. Don’t know how he did it, but you never know where life will take you.

Can you do basic arithmetic in your head? Do you have a general understanding of physics (weight = mass + gravity)? I never got past Calculus 1. Doesn’t matter, you’ll never have to do derivatives in the cockpit.

Keys to flying: Money, generally functional brain, money, ability to write and speak English at a basic level, money. That’s all you need to become a private pilot in 99% of the world.


@DeerCrusher its your time to shine! @ilijabgc get with him; he is a civilian pilot and would best be able to answer your questions, as far as I know

There is a vast career base out there that focuses on aviation.

I’m a pilot in the US… the only math I had to take was College Algebra, Trig, and Statistics. Not sure if France is different.

Hello how are you?
I won’t be repetitive because the friends above say something that I would say the same thing. I’m not a pilot, but I plan on taking a private pilot course one day.
To prepare what I must study seems to be daunting, But what can I say to you is. If it’s something you really want and it’s your purpose, even with difficulties you have to try until you get it. It may be that in your trajectory you will have several failures, but failures are part of the process.

These requirements can be too daunting to study all at once. What you can do is every day study a little math, another day another subject. I don’t know how your routine should be, but if you only have 30 minutes, study those 30 minutes. The most important thing is that you have constant contact so that all these barriers are not too scary up front.

If you want excellence in what you want, think shortcut is never a good way. I’ll use math as an example. If there is something that is very difficult, come back the other day, so that you have more clarity on that doubt. If you don’t understand, stay on top until you understand. Difficulty makes us much stronger for the next challenges.

There is no recipe for reaching your goal. So if you believe in your purpose, don’t let these barriers paralyze you and go ahead. I wish you much success! I will leave the phrase that I like very much.

“An easy life leads to a difficult future. A difficult life leads to an easy future.”

No need to be pessimistic, pilots don’t give up that easily. Joining the militarily is one way, but not the only way. You can always achieve your flying dream like many successful people did. Follow your gift, not your passion. Get successful, then make it to flight school and continue from there. Flying a plane is just like driving a car, pass the test and get the license!

You’re in the process, expect great things to happen 🙂


öncelikle maddi açıdan durumun iyiyse ve ingilizcene güveniyorsan özel pilotaj okulundan mezun olabilirsin

Agreed (t e n)

Hey, how are you?

I am studying in order to become a commercial pilot in Italy. If you want to be a pilot that is a great thing as in the future the demand will increase. Especially by airliners. You should consider to attend a flight school, there are some very good all over the Europe. Check Urbeaero, Airbus flight school, CAE, Baltic Aviation. Just to name a few. You need just basic mathematics and be able to compute some calculus in mind.
Check also if Air France have its own flight school, some flag carriers does.
But be aware that every flag carrier has the language of its country as a prerequisite and you will not be allowed to work if not very good at it.
So if you speak a perfect French go there don’t think about it a second time. But if you don’t I suggest to learn the english, which is another important prerequisite for this job, and start working as a commercial pilot for some low coast carrier as Ryanair, Wizz , Easy etc.

Hope you find it useful.
Good luck!!

Hi there! The best answer to this question (it may seem obvious but it is not) is: believe it to the end, never give up! With passion sooner or later you will reach your dream!! All the best ; )