How to be a good user on the IFC

The IFC may be filled with things we don’t like.

But how can we get along together?

Here is a topic that will help you around the Community.

This is something i learned from the past few weeks.


When you are creating a post, make sure you have these tips checked:

-Be original. Don’t be a copy, and use some new and original content in your posts.

-Respect everyone’s opinion. It’s their opinion, and you should respect it.

-Don’t “un-invite” people. It makes you seem like a bad user on the community.


While many of us may do things that others don’t like, we don’t want them to turn into ventures, do we?

Everyone knows that ventures can always but always be solved with a conversation.
This is the key to fixing ventures with others.
The community is to have fun, not to have ventures.

Unreasonable decisions

Some users wanted to leave the IFC. e.g. me
But that isn’t a very good decision!
There are:

  • Lots of people which like your content

  • Thousands of people you might want to be friends with

  • Millions of topics posted which you might like

  • Tons of events you might like to join

  • Several VA’s/VO’s you could join


This is why you shouldn’t leave the IFC.

Private Messages (PM's)

"Hey! Your channel sux.

Ooh, i see what you are doing.
Don’t be agressive in PM’s, be respectful like this:

“Hello. No offense, but i don’t really like your channel.”

This is the proper way to talk in PM’s.

But, talking like that (agressively) is still a waste of PM.


Don’t say something off-topic to them that isn’t worth answering!


“Can you please subscribe to my youtube channel?”
“Can you follow me on instagram?”

Staff PM’s should be usually about solving problems, IF improvements, advice, etc.
Staff are not for giggling around with youtube, instagram, etc!

I hope this helped you around to be a good user on the IFC.



Nice post man!👍 Hopefully new users can use these ideas!


Learning from some of your own mistakes I see… That’s a great quality to have, and this is a pretty neat topic for new users.


I’m interested to know the definition of “ventures” when in this context.

Also, no matter how nice you make this sound, it’s not at all productive and a waste of a PM, especially when just out of the blue. How are you even supposed to reply to that? I think there are some users who would also not handle that well.

As @Kirito_77 said, I am very glad to see you learning from your mistakes. I know that a lot of this came from personal first-hand knowledge. Great to see that you didn’t leave the IFC and that you are making a rebound :)


You probably shouldn’t be messaging staff about Infinite Flight features.


This is why no offense is included, but its kind of a waste of PM, you have a point there. ill edit that

Great topic! Thank you for sharing your ideas, topics like this can really help the community grow in a positive way. I just want to add one extra point…
When talking to another person, we all should also be very careful with how we use words with negative connotations. The connotation of a word is basically the positive or negative feeling given by it. For example, “guest” has a positive connotation, while “intruder” has a negative connotation.
Phrases like “I don’t really like your channel” could potentially be improved by saying something like “Sometimes your channel can confuse me” or “It isn’t necessarily my favorite channel, but you might be able to improve it by…”
What I’m trying to say is that any comments people say should be constructive rather than destructive.
Otherwise, great post!

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Well sometimes yea humans can make mistakes but you have a great point there! Ill be sure to add this in the post.


Imo, “no offense” is cliché thing to say.

You could word your sentencing in a better way like saying:

  1. Not to say you are wrong.
  2. I think otherwise/differently.
  3. This is where our opinions differ.
  4. I don’t feel that way, i perfer this/that.

I think there are otherways to make your post more constructive and less hurtful to others. Instead of saying no offense which pretty much says: “Now imma tell you something that is going to be offensive and hurt your feelings but I’ll just warn you that i don’t mean it, although that’s exactly what i do otherwise i wouldn’t have said it, free speech…

But hey this post is great, love it. It will surely guide people correctly and make them better at being a good human when talking to others. Since Words are in my honest opinion the strongest weapon a human carries around, you should be careful of how you use your wors and how you approach others. Especially those you don’t know. And always no matter who it is, respect them with the same respect you’d want to be faced with from others.


Good post.

In addition to this, I recommend this post:

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That is not related to this imo as its about using the IFC and this is about being a good user


Don’t reply nonsense on VAs thread. I may be making a topic about it myself if it doesn’t improve


Are you talking to me? I don’t see anything with the nickname “nonsense” about VA’s… I only said "

  • Lots of VA’s/VO’s you can join

To me here would be my Top 10 IFC Guidelines.

  1. Treat others with respect. This forum provides you the rare opportunity to get to know and learn from other people from around the world. In addition to how airports operate in other countries, you also pick up on some cool cultural tidbits as well.

  2. Search before posting. There are 50k+ users with many of them here from the beginning. Most likely there is already a feature or livery request for what you are asking for.

  3. The forum is not a chat room. There is no need to waste an entire post to say “Ok”. I often see tracking threads for flights where people are commenting on their every move in a thread “Ok im on right downwind”. Make a group PM and use that to reduce clutter.

  4. There are rules, read them. Each category has an about post which contains various rules for that category. Certain number of pictures per post, trust level requirements, etc.

  5. Quality over quantity. Focus on writing quality posts. Proofread your posts and check it for spelling and grammatical errors. This is a great skill to tune for future endeavors. You have an edit button to edit your posts if you notice an error after posting. If you see a mistake in someone’s post, PM them instead of replying and pointing it out.

  6. The forum is about learning. When you write a post or a reply, don’t just write it as a response to the original poster but do it as an answer to a question that someone will have later. If someone asks what the ILS is, don’t reply with “Instrument Landing System” and hit post. Give the details, background on what it is, and anything else you can to make the post meaningful to the next user that signs up and has a question. Many members do a great job with this today by linking the various tutorials.

  7. Welcome to the internet. It is hard to detect sarcasm or if someone was joking or not from their text. Don’t let simple words get to you and stress you out. Keep in mind that there are different languages so some may be lost in translation along with other things. Asking detailed questions helps gauge the proper response. Grow some thick skin while you are at it. It will go a long way.

  8. Believe it or not, there is a lot of knowledge in this community. We have a wide range of users with all sorts of aviation experience levels. Pilots, ground crew, controllers, corporate, the list goes on. Learn from others and don’t be so quick to google and point out some tidbit that someone with 30 years of flying experience tells you is wrong.

  9. Flags are a tool when used correctly. Flagging posts help the moderating team keep the forum tidy. Just because someone has answered a question or a problem has been solved does not mean the post needs to be flagged. There is also no need to flag a post from three years ago that you feel is off-topic. It has been three years, if nobody else flagged it, it’s probably ok.

  10. At one time you were once a new user. We need to do a better job at welcoming new users to the community. Many of our new users first experience is being told they are not the right trust level or that they posted a duplicate or that something else is wrong. While those may be true, there are ways to go about it that send a softer message. This leaves the user with a negative feeling about the community which ultimately gets considered when they rate IF in their app store.

There’s more but I only said 10. Plus my conference call I am trying to pay attention to is almost over.


No, I was stating something people shouldn’t do.

This is a forum and not school classroom. People can post what they want to post if they are within the same sort of category. I personally think this topic is attacking newer IFC users, which makes the environment here almost scary.


First off, the person attacking is you. This is a topic about tips and tricks which make you a good user on the IFC. A lot of others agree with me, so you don’t have anyone on your side. I respect your opinion, but your message seems attacking.

Thanks for sharing these wise words and knowledge really appreciate. All the best mate! 👍

@SpeedPlayz @JRRaviation take it to a PM…

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This doesn’t have to be continued in any way.

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