How to be a good tower?

I want to be a good tower,so what can I do? Thank you for every answers.

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This should help:

The community will give feedback and tell you how to improve. We don’t know how you control yet and you this’ll kick start your journey to become Expert Server ATC.


Practice is probably the ultimate way to become good. However, definitely check out the #tutorials:atc category to help you know what to do :)


Read the ATC manual.

  • Good judgement.

  • Patience at all times.

  • Stay calm during peak moments.

  • Focusing on the aircraft that need to be prioritized 1st.

Just some of the things I do.


Watch the Infinite Flight tutorials on YouTube.

Beat me to it.
Videos worked best for me, oh and practice.

Open a tracking thread to practice ATC with pilots who want to help you improve.

Be able to take criticism, a good controller knows they always can improve.
Study a bit to know what the difference between and procedures to apply for instrument approaches, visual approaches, radar vectors, and flight following.

Remember to be safe but expeditious. Push your traffic you can always order a go around but be reasonable and use good judgement that will come with experience.

Last of all get an IFATC trainer.

Good luck!

Ey guys how i can message a ifatc recruiter?

You are TL0 @Lucass_Henriquez. You must be TL1 to message

Oh, ok. You know how i can be TL1?

there is no requirement. you just stay active here and you level up

i joined Febuary and im TL2

Only stay active? how much time i need?

It took me around a week from what i remember. but it depends on how active you stay

A week! Omg. Thank for your help. I play IF four years ago but is the first time that i enter to the forum.
I have all the requirements to be an ATC but i cant messagge the recruiters :(

i am in the process. just passed my written

im from chile so my english is no perfect, sorry for that.
what is your grade?
And other question, is this a good site to talk? haha

i am Grade 3

@Echo_Lan … MaxSez: “Good Towers” have “Strong Foundations”.! Never stop learning, study and don’t play Traffic Cop. Logic and maturity are key. You can take that to the bank…
Good Luck! Max

Great. Thank you for the information.
Good luck in the exam.