How to be a ATC at a Expert Server and how to contact them?

Hello? I was wondering in how to be a ATC at Expert Server? I am Grade 3, and I have 557 Operations, and my violations are not really high? And where do I take the exam?

Glad to hear some people are looking to become IFATC!
Please read this thread, all the info is there for you! Make sure you read the requirements.
If you have any questions you can message me!

Contact the IFATC and they’ll organise something or follow the link that @Oliver02 has provided

Also in the future, #support is for issues related with the app.
Follow the link above and we hope we’ll see you in the IFATC team soon :)

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How do I contact the recruiters your talking about?

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PM them. Their username is on that thread

Message them. Here’s how;

How to create a Private Message

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  • Simply click on their name or search for their profile name by utilizing the built in search feature. The search feature can be found at the top right hand corner of the forum, and is depicted as a magnifying glass. See image below:

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  • Once you have found the person you are looking to message and you have their profile popout in front of you, you will find a blue button labeled “Message” . Click on this button. This is access point to begin a new Private Message.
  • You will need to fill out the Subject line (keyword/phrase regarding what the message is about) as well as your text body. Keep in mind that this forum is not an instant messaging platform. You will be required to type out a message of 10 characters or greater.

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From A Beginners Guide to the Forum


Oh okay, so I PM’ed the IFATC and the Recruiter.

Now you just wait for their response. They get a lot of requests, so be a little patient and they will get back to you.

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How do I know if I’m Trusted Level 1?

Well, that may have been my mistake if you already PMed them. I think you are already. I forgot about Trust Level 0. But it should tell you on your profile page.

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Yes you are TL1

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Yes, he is TL 1. @Liam_Roldan in the meantime waiting for a reply I suggest you look over the tutorials on the IF YouTube channel and read over the posts in #tutorials so you are ready for the theory and practical tests :)


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New User, TL0
Basic, TL1
Member, TL2

I mistakenly skipped new user. Brain fart. Don’t mind me.

I already said it was my mistake (and deleted it the second I posted it, so everyone can stop telling me now.)

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Okay thanks everybody!

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Liam, while you are waiting for a recruiter to contact you, you can do a few things to prepare yourself.

  1. Check out the IFATC tutorials on YouTube. Forget about the Approach tutorials. They are for another test. Check out Ground Control, Tower Arrivals and Depeartures, Advanced Tower, Sequencing, etc
  2. Check the #tutorials section here on the Forum.
  3. Continue your controlling on Training Server with the new knowledge you’ve picked up.
  4. Start an ATC tracking thread to get some feedback from the Community. Search this forum for some great examples.

Have fun!


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