How to be a airline pilot?

I’m 14 and would like to be a pilot as career.
I live in Brisbane, Australia. I would like to know what I might/should do.
What should I start doing or how to apply.
(I’ve searched the internet, but just can’t find the right answer)

Thanks for all your help!


Loads of information for Australia based folks who are looking to become a pilot!


Fly for Rex.

Or a business at your local airport… like skydiving or something… I’m also in your situation.

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Good luck with you ambition.

  1. Concentrate at school, you need good marks especially in Maths and sciences.
  2. Consider joining the Air Cadets or similar
  3. Look at have an Air Experience flight at a local flying school
  4. Start saving money so you can get your PPL which is your first stepping stone

Good luck!


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