How to avoid windy zones?

Hi, I’ve been playing IF on expert server for several years. However, I’ve never really known how to identify the best zone to fly in terms of wind. When flying over the east coast of the US, there’s a lot of wind when flying south (110-140kts)Is there any app I can use to find the best zones and altitudes to avoid tough winds?

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I don’t know if there’s a app for it but there is a homepage called which can be helpful.

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i am not sure but maybe contact ATC about the Altitude change and that should also help but game uses real world weather i am pretty sure. So use a weather app i am not sure which one if you would like i can do some research for you.

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This is Actually my question too! I use but It is complicated! Aircrafts IRL avoid windy Airspace using their Rdar. Also There is a problem with Flight planning. Some Long haul flights choose between routes (for the same flight) based on the weather condition. It would be Nice if we can do that in IF in order to simulate IRL procedure.

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Thanks man! Indeed I’ve tried using that app several times, however those winds are according to 0ft agl which will definitely not be the same winds as in <FL300. However I agree, there should be a way to make your route planning with RL radars.

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You can actually change the altitude of winds in

Mind that it doesn’t go to every single altitude, it’s something like FL240, then FL300.


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As other people have suggested, use Windy for winds aloft. For airport wind information, Google “KMSP METAR.” Numerous sites will pop up, offering raw and decoded METAR forecasts.

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