How to avoid turbulence and winds?

Hello everybody. Today, I am asking you how to avoid turbulence and winds? When at FL300 (ish) I experience winds around 100 knots, and I would like to know how I can smoothen my flight. Thank you!


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Hello Pie!
This is called winds alloft, high altitude winds which cut or add flight time to your flight, a head wind slows down your flight time and makes you use up more fuel, whilst a tail wind speeds up your flight time and helps conserve fuel. is good for this, I reccomend using windy for planning.

Also Reccomend looking at this Tutorial by our dear freind Mr Sandstorm, it shows you how to do a flight plan and plan accordingly with winds and how to use fuel.

I hope this helps you.
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Try looking at it’s good for the wind

I think he means flight level300😅

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Whoops, 30,000 feet.

Do you mean flight level 300?

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Yes, just a typo. Sorry.

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I see. Very handy. So now that I can see the winds, how should that change my flightplan? Is it better to have a headwind when cruising or a crosswind?

Everything about how to best plan your flight is to be found in #tutorials