How to avoid plane stalling during flight

Hi while flying from Osaka Airport to Narita Airport with the automatic pilot on my plane suddenly starts to leave its original course and the stalling alarm blares…I have to disconnect the automatic pilot to have a smooth flight I am flying with a Boeing 777 ANA plane what wrong with the automatoc pilot and how do you avoid your plane from stalling

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Make sure you’re not overweight, flying too slowly, flying too high, etc…

What’s your autopilot set to?

Well, I do have a lot of questions. At what phase of the flight (Takeoff, climb, cruise, descend, landing) did your aircraft veer off course and stall out? What was your cruising altitude and what speed did you set on the cruising level?

To save our time to find the right answer for you, I would suggest to send your replay file to, and link the website to us so we can find out what exactly happened to your flight.


Anything to do with stalling is critical angle of attack.

With regard to the autopilot I usually hold the pitch I want then set the vertical speed part of the autopilot. Then select the attitude you want to aim for.

Remember you its possible to stall at any speed

Stalls depend only on angle of attack, not airspeed. However, the slower an aircraft flies, the greater the angle of attack it needs to produce lift equal to the aircraft’s weight. As the speed decreases further, at some point this angle will be equal to the critical (stall) angle of attack.

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