How to avoid overspeeding in flight

Hi community,

I just did a flight from EGYP to EGLL and I had to end it halfway because I received some overspeed violations. I know that the max speed is Mach .91 on the 787, but then all of a sudden, I wake up and notice that the setting has increased to .97 when I previously set it at .87. Anybody have any idea what could’ve happened? I’m quite cross that I had received 5 violations, and if this can’t be solved, I’m probably going to have to do all my long haul flights on the casual server.

If anyone could answer this, I’d be very happy. Thanks!


The weather connection is currently down and could of caused this issue. Your best bet though is to watch the replay of your flight to see what happened as that might have more answers.

Gods afternoon,
Currently the weather is not working. But the reason you got these violations are maybe because;
When the team turned back on the weather, they got excess speeds of more than 150 knots. So due to these extreme winds that were created when turning on the processor, you got over speed violations. If you contact DeerCrusher he should be able to help you.
Check out this topic, as it is the same problem as yours.

Hi Loogie,

If you’re able to share the replay we can take a look at this. But until then there’s not much we can do on our end.



Hi Matt, thanks for replying.

I’ll definitely send the replay over once I’ve been through it. Thanks!


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