How to avoid crashing after long flights

Device: iPhone 13 (Regular)
Operating system: Latest IOS 16.3

Hi guys,

This has happened multiple times before, and because I will be doing a overnight today, I am trying to see how to avoid this problem.

I had 2 former overnight long haul flights (ICN-LAX and HND-JFK) which both crashed about 15-20 minutes or around 86% battery after I unplugged the Charger from the device. When I did my most recent overnight, (TPE-LAX), I kept the charger on until Final Approach to avoid what had happened before, which worked.

Do any of you know why this can happen and how to avoid it?



Like I said in my recent post, this has been going on for a number of years now with still no fix. Best thing you can do is stay clear of populated airports until they actually try to fix the issue.

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Have you tried restarting your device before each flight?

You’re not flying on Expert Beta, are you?

I’ve been flying with an iPhone XR and an iPhone 14 on max settings for the longest time now. I have yet to have the game crash on me in over two years. And as of recently I’ve been doing 4-5 flights a day.

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Sometimes, it happens mid flight, even if I am flying somewhere not as populated

I am not doing any Expert Beta flights as of now

I do not do that often.

I have had this issue twice, but I’ve only noticed it when flying on long haul routes at busy airports. For me, deleting all replays regularly, clearing your scenery cache and restarting the device before every flight seems to work. Any 7 - 8 hour flights are fine for me, but I get worried about this issue when flying long haul

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