How to avoid bouncing

I have a serious issue when landing
How can I fix this issue?


Bouncing could be caused by a variety of reasons but most of it boils down to you dropping too fast or coming in too fast. Aim to be extremely stable on final approach (you should barely have to move your device/easily fly with one hand) and then cut power as you flare.


Alright I was doing all that and barely cutting power

It also kind of depends on what plane you’re in. I assume you’re mostly bouncing in smaller aircraft? I never could get the heavies to bounce they just kind of stick.

I bounce lightly in the 74 and occasionally in the crj2, but the most bouncing is in the 172 and sr22

The 74 flies kind of funny because it’s got essentially zero bump damping so you need to touch down like sub 150 FPM else it will do funny things. The 172 and SR22 have like zero wheel travel so they’re going to be very bounce prone, only thing I have to say really is just touch down slow enough so it’s physically impossible to catch lift again.

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nobody can properly land the CRJ 😂. But make sure your Vertical Speed when landing is AT MOST -500 feet per minute (preferably less) and dont nose up too much on touchdown but just gently bring your nose down. If you do bounce, the best way to correct it is by keeping your nose up and idle throttle which should bring you back on the ground


edit: I want to change the emphasis of what I wrote - Watch the FPV like a hawk, as close to the horizon line as possible at touch down. Speed helps in controlling the FPV to do what you want. But the FPV will visually predict bounce or no bounce before it happens.

original text:

Airspeed is very important as a set up to good landing. Know and be near the right landing speed going into the flair.

Assuming you’ve practiced to get airspeed roughly right, there is one and only one indicator that will show you most accurately if you are about to bounce: the FPV (the small circle in the HUD).

As you flair and settle to the runway, if the FPV has come up to the horizon just as you touch down YOU WILL NEVER EVER BOUNCE. If the FPV is only a little below the horizon, you will bounce a little. If a lot, you will bounce a lot.

What takes practice though is getting the FPV to be below the horizon as you descend (cause you’ve gotta get down), but holding it near a stop at the horizon as your wheels make contact.

FPV is the best graphical representation of vertical speed.

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Speed is king! On a short field you could retract flaps as soon as you touch down, this will put more weight on the wheels.

boucing is because of poor management of A/C profile on final track : either airspeed or vertical speed. My recommendation is to get the A/C stable first prior to FAF (IFR) or final leg (VFR/IFR). VSI for approach is recommended not above 1000ft/m. If you are not still stable, missed approach (IFR) or go around procedure (VFR) should be commenced. I hope this helps

I got lost at FAF, I only let the vnav defend me then about 5-ish I disengage autopilot and land it myself, so I mix ifr and vfr…

What is A/C?

My question exactly… I thin he over complicated it a little, I’m still getting used to vnav here

A/C is Aircraft ^^ FYI

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I still believe the FPV gives you the best feel for getting rid of bounce at touch down. Partly because it is so graphically clear, and you don’t have to take your eyes off the runway to cross check a vs number.

Also, if your FPV has dipped too far below the horizon line as you are in the final stages before touch down, just a touch of throttle can sometimes do more good than forcing the pitch up too much (pitch only does so much if you are low on “energy”, that is speed)

I’ve been summoned. My regular CRJ under -100 lol


It does, I just did my first non-bounce landing and was successful, although I was way of centerline after touchdown

Glad to hear, fantastic!

how do you land the crj2 first off

due to its design, you have have a negative aoa until your flare (ik its a weird plane)