How to ask for landing clearance? TSATC

Okay, here’s the thing.

Just landed a LH A320 at Madeira LPMA and I was actually so confused at the radio calls I received.

As I did not receive landing clearance when I first called tower (receiving on guard 50NM away) I reported my position as I kept on approaching the runway. Still no landing clearance. I hovered above the runway (r/maliciouscompliance) at 30ft agl and went around another time.

This time I landed (admittedly really badly, lol) without “CLEARED TO LAND LUFTHANSA 309” because honestly I couldn’t just be bothered anymore. It’s the first command for ATC on the screen, right? How could he have missed that?

This guy doesn’t have IFC in his username but does have IFPT so maybe that Virtual organisation could tell him off for not clearing me to land? His username was IFPT Miguel.

In the end I was the only aircraft landing but I did want to emphasise the point that I will not land at an active airport unless I hear “CALLSIGN CLEARED TO LAND RWY XX”

Keep in mind they’re not IFATC, or they were away from their phones when you were radioing for landing clearance.

This guy was calling me on guard 50NM away from the airport without APPR active, and I reported my position as I approached the runway. Oh well.

Ignore the on-guards next time because you shouldn’t be calling in to tower 50nm away. 20nm is more reasonable.

As for the non-existent landing clearance, it’s just an average TS controller…so I would not expect everything correct from them.


We’ll it’s clear he may have no knowledge of how to operate ATC. As a controller, a on guard message is not required that far out. Once you’re in range, you may receive a pattern entry & sequence (if no other aircraft are in the area). As you get closer (an appropriate range), you’ll then get a clearance to land.

Note, this scenario above is acting if approach isn’t active.

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