How to approve flight level requests

I was playing as LAX departure, and I am fairly new, but I cannnot figure out how to approve flight level requests. How do you do this?


It should be under the vector option but select “assign altitude” (if that makes sense)


There are two options.
1: Click in the plane you want to assign an altitude to, a list of options should appear. Select Assign altitude and a list from 500ft to 50oooft should appear. Select the altitude you want to assign and it should send that request to the Pilot. You can also do this in coordination with a Vector (Heading). To do that simply press and hold on the Aircraft pull the magenta line where you want the aircraft ro go and let go. The same Menu as listed above shoul appear.
2: Is the way that @DiamondGaming4 described in his message.

Actually you don‘t have to approve flight level requests because they are not necessary from the pilot‘s end. Just respond with „altitude at your discretion“ (under misc. messages). However if you see a potential conflict coming, you can assign altitudes as already explained above. When the way is clear again just say altitude at your discretion and they can continue climbing on their own.


Thanks, but I am still a bit confused. An aircraft will say something like “… requesting flight level 240” and I don’t really know what that means.

It’s 24000 feet.
Check this tutorial:

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