How to approach BIKF?

As the title say how do you approach BIKF in the most realistic way? Example Charts or something like that.

Watch this, I don’t know if it’ll help. I’ll find something else if it doesn’t.

Just search BIKF Charts, browse around and BOOM.


Thanks but I dont think that will hepl so much as its quit hard to
recognize the surroundings and approach by that (:

AIrfield, runways and hold points.

Here you go.



Thanks m8! Really helpful.

Nice Info, maybe you like to share your source ?

It is an established chart. For the same reason you probably wouldn’t source the FAA when posting an American chart, he doesn’t have to do it here.

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Nope, actually I wouldn’t. :)

(check the chart date)


Yep, saw the chart date. So I guess your profession is

Correct. Well deduced.

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It’s a LIDO chart. Many airlines use these charts. Alternatively Jeppesen charts are widely used, and available also though Navigraph.

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