How to approach a heavy Boeing 747?

My planes are always heavy because I want having a lot of time on the runway for take off and landing, like in real.

But If I flying the 747, the stabilators are pulled up during descent. I maintain 200 knots airspeed.
And during a final approach I got warnings about ‘stall’.
Am I flying to slow with 150 - 170 knots?

Is there a topic in the #tutorials catgerory about approaching with the 747?

Thank you.

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I am not 100% but a 747 at heavy load does surely not land at 150 knots.

And anyway, the weigh is a bit below the MTOW.

You mean, landing with more than 150 knots?

Yea, you would have to make a faster approach if you are reaching your stall speed. Try to look up the VREF speed for the boeing 747 at your weight, and then add 5-10 knots.

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IF you take off with a heavy setting, remember to reset your fuel to a lower limit before landing.

150 should be will within the landing speeds for a 747 that is properly loaded, with proper flaps too.

Oke I’ll do that.

Thank you guys for your advice!

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@Snelweg_A15, here you go! A stall speed chart for the 747, with weight and flap configuration. Look the weight of the 747, look it up the chart, and multiply by 1,3, and you’ll get the maneuvering speed.


MaxSez: @Snelweg_A15… Beside the V’s (load v speed) sound like your over gross landing weight. Check your weight & balance. Load the over wing pits heavy. Distribute load fore & aft pits lightest. Compute fuel load for total distance to fly to complete sortie +15% for IF. Goss must be under landing weight shown.


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