How to apply to IFAE


If anybody knows how to apply to IFAE (infinite flight aviation experts), please let me know because I dont know how to and if you know, please respond so if others have the same question as me, they can come to this topic and look


You don’t, IFAE come to you I’m afraid.

GAF is a way in, but it takes a long time to get there.

Best of luck.


@Mags885 do you know how to join infinite flight kaler


Not think there a group anymore


Kaler was suspended on this forum a while ago and his group is pretty much gone


You mean IAKE? It closed I guess


We pick you ;) that’s how it works. If you want you can apply for GAF


@LeoHund how can I apply to GAF


Here you go! @VirginPride


That’s the way. Thank you @Dubya


@VirginPride you still want to join our group? if yes, please forward me a screenshot with your full stats ( showing Violations, flighttime, landings etc.) and I see what I can do for you :)


@Leah ok I’ll try to do that sometime today! Thanks!


I would also like to know, If the other option was GAF since I walk a little time


I’m not quite sure how to understand this question


Was a bit of autocorrect involved?


Yes he was to blame


However it is the following has another way to get into the IFAE without being through IFAE-GAF


IFAE will come to you not the other way round. One of the best way to get noticed is by joining GAF but it can take a while.