How to Appeal

How I appeal this level three violation

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Pm @appeals or DM the controller

To find the controller go to your logbook and click on the flight where you received the violation click that and on the bottom you’ll see more details (or something like that) click that


It was Tyler in my screen I didn’t go through him but I guess in his I went through hkm

I’m assuming @ Tyler_Shelton Feel free to pm him

Can you show a screenshot

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I mean, judging from the video, you seemed to take off his wing as a troll 😂 Contact @ Tyler_Shelton :)

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you got way too close to Tyler… was right to give you a vio imo. up to him now whether he is nice enough to remove it… we learn from our mistakes.

Cign ✌️


Alright so here is the problem you were flying way to fast and you also didn’t use the flight of 3 call sign and you almost hit @ Tyler_Shelton wing so I don’t think you can remove the report

Just for the future, not a good idea to collide into someone’s aircraft on expert server in a fighter jet, especially not a moderator.


Please just send a message to @Tyler_Shelton to discuss further.