How to appeal report?

How do I appeal a report I crossed the runway when it was safe and there was no ground and I got reported what do I do?

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Well you can PM who ghosted you and see why it wasn’t safe. But also you can go and look at your reply and see if it was safe or not.

How do I look at the replay?

Hello. Could you check in your logbook or replay and see who reported you? Then, message that user here on the forum and you should get a good explanation of the scenario :)


Oh I will pm them thanks but how do I check the replay?

Go to your main home page in the app and on the left there should be a “replay” button.

Oh that’s cool thank you

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It’s a very long flight 16 hours so will it take hours to load?

No it streams everything and you can fast forward.

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The logbook is still the fastest way. If all you need is a name.

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He is looking at the replay to check whether or not it was safe to cross the runway I believe

Fair enough, but that’s also going to be what the controller is going to do, so if he was having trouble, he could save some time. But if he figures it out, that’s cool too. Either way.

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