How to appeal a ghosting?

I had been a little clumsy gotta admit, didn’t see i went below 10000 feet while going 300 knots, tried to slow down , but I had been ghosted already, partly my fault because I wasn’t there in time to correct but if I land on an airport alone I don’t think that should be an issue because no one is getting hurt.
Callsign: Swiss 654
Plane: A319-100
Date: (Just now - 09/10/2019)
Flight from LSZH - EDDH (which wasn’t saved due to the ghosting)

If someone could let me know where to write an appeal or apologize, or even if it is possible in general would be very helpful! Thanks in advance


This sounds like a system ghost due to several violations, right?

Unfortunately those are not revoked unless the cause of them is due to an issue with the app. Happens to all of us, trust me :)


Very unfortunate, thanks for the quick response.