How to always have the smooth landing

if you are in crosswind, give up, just aim and land however if the wind is under 10 knots then This is how you ALWAYS get a landing VS under 100

One; landing speed Wide Body landing speed is 140-145
Narrow is 130-140

Approach the runway
Aim for the numbers, so when you flare and flote a bit, you will end up right on the thicc lines

Landing, use the ground effect for your flare, cut throttle at 10 not 20

If you cut at 20 you will lose to much air speed and pound it in
You flare at 10 it will be a lot better
The thing with the HUD that shows we’re you are going, aim that to the very very end of the runway
Do not lose to much airspeed during a flare, 15 maximum, if it keeps dropping, put a bit more thottle to keep airspeed going

And smooth landing

My best landing with this method was -30
That is SMOOTH

Thanks for reading


None of this takes into account weights, and other important factors. I appreciate your willingness to help and make such a thread, but there are many other tutorials and proper speeds and landing tutorials, that are a bit more descriptive.

Lots of amazing tutorials that’ve already been made can be found here, #tutorials, such as ILS approaches, proper descents, etc.


Personally I like 20ft for flare gives you more time to actually do a really good flare, but I find 10 is a little late. My opinion, but great job.

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The flare advice is great for narrow bodies, but horrible for widebodies. If you wait until 10 ft to flare in the 777 you’re gonna have a very hard landing. For those, you have to flare at 30 ft at the latest.

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This might sound odd but you have to fly the aircraft into the ground, often people are scared of it and gradually pull up floating half the runway and losing speed. If you have ever watched a youtuber like Cap Canada he flies it into the runway and pulls up at about ten. This minimises the float and gives you a nice soft landing :)


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You mean the vector?

Other than that I think it’s a great way for smooth landings 😉

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me who lands the smoothest in really bad conditions


Nice tutorial, maybe just add what a few of the guys have said above :)

I’m with you on that one lol

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i just put the view in HUD and i am good to land

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