How to add tags


I have a question, How can you add tags to live events because I’m hosting one on training server

When you make a topic on the top right corner of the interface there is a tab next to the category selection tab that allows you to toggle available tags. Make sure you have the category set first before you select the tag in order for the event tags to appear in the tag tab. If you need more help locating it let me know.

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Thanks but I can’t find it since I have to edit the post

Did it for ya :)

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Thank you so much @Asher !

This topic can be closed now

Hey I need help locating Expert tag

Please anyone I need help

Actually I need help

Pls any regulars or Moderators that can help me @Asher

i can help you you can just search for expert in the place where you add tags

I can’t find it

I’ll send u a screenshot

Here is the picture

i think you can just add it for know seeing as you have mentioned it is in expert

Yeah but tags are important The question is where can I add them

can you send the screen shot of the whole page

Here are the pics

can you send a pic of the bottom when editing

Wdym by that