How to add routes in a event

Hey, can someone please tell me how you can add routes when creating an event that can be edited to add people? Kinda like this

screenshot from the Frankfurt flyout


I recommend checking out this tutorial from forum moderator Jack, that I’ve linked below for you:

You will find the Discourse Formatting section especially handy in regards to how to create a table like you’ve shown an example of above.

Take care mate and let us know if you have any more questions!

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thanks a lot

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No worries mate. Glad I could help you out!

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sorry to bother you again but when I add it comes up like this

the link to the event- 22JAN22 / 1230Z - The Great Cape town Fly-out @ FACT

There are two things which may be causing that issue:

  1. Place a space between the text, for example like this:

| Aircraft | rather than |Aircraft|

  1. For the line underneath, it must be three individual lines like this, rather than all joined together.

Try those suggestions and let us know if it works!

i recommend you make box on excel after that ctrl + A to select all and ctrl + C to copy the box

that would work but after that i cant edit it

i think this time it make sense to post it in here

iv tried doing that but the lines won’t separate unless I put a space in between

Ok sorry, sorry

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can you explain why you can’t edit it after that? and would you mind if you send the the schreenshot to me

the editing has a certain time limit

il try it though

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Screenshot (2102)
it seems to be working thanks for everyone to help

Yup thanks everone

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