How to add realism

how can i make my flights more realistic

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Once the Buildings come out to everyone, you can add realism by flying to those airports. You could also recreate flights with exact departure times, airports, and Aircraft. Just a few of my ideas.


Depends on what you currently do

use Simbrief and FPL Converter for flight plans (that what works for me)

True OG’S find their own route with airways from either SkyVector or Navigraph 😎

On top of what has already been mentioned:

  • Check actual charts outside of IF for more good info on how to fly a SID or STAR, some airport guides have procedures on top of those to look at as well.

  • Use correct parking spaces for your purpose or airline, if applicable. Either correct terminal or ramp works.


Never heard of those. LOTVA just requires the members to use FPL Converter so that is why I use it. Are those two you listed worth checking out?

If you are willing to bother finding routings that way, definitely! Pretty rewarding when you finish it.

Spawning in KATL Cargo parking in a Cessna 172 callsign Air Force 1 Flight of 8 (don’t do this)

I will definitely be checking that out then

I use Flight Plan DataBase. It’s better than me having to hand put all the way points

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Lot VA ? should help ya

Vatsim account is free

Use to make realistic flight plans

Use SIDs and STARs

Simulate real life routes with realistic aircraft, callsigns, and liveries

Follow all ATC instructions

Spawn and park at realistic gates

Use realistic cruise altitudes

Use realistic takeoff thrust and v-speeds

I recreate flights with exact departure times, routes, and aircraft.

I’m flying right now with flight radar ( to keep position ) , flight aware ( for the gate and to see if i’ll be early by a little or late ), and simbrief to see if the real life flight plan is accurate

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